Belgian Gaming Commission

Belgian Gaming Commission launcded “Always Play Legally” campaign in order to tackle unlicensed gambling in the country.

The Belgian Gaming Commission (CJH) has launched a campaign to tackle unlicensed gambling under the slogan “Always Play Legally”.

Created in consultation with licensed online gaming and betting operators, the campaign will run until the start of the UEFA Euro 2021 tournament on June 11.

It aims to raise awareness of which operators are licensed in Belgium and to educate consumers so they can identify the difference between legal and illegal online gambling platforms.

The campaign has its own website,, and operators who have received written permission from the CJH will be able to use the Always Play Legally logo.

The campaign will also release weekly video clips providing answers to common questions that players may have when it comes to identifying licensed gaming operators.

The Belgian Gaming Commission estimates that 20 per cent of Belgian gaming customers play through unlicensed operators.

The regulator said it was concerned that players were not always aware of the dangers of unlicensed sites and were sometimes not aware of how to tell whether a site was licensed.

Earlier this year, Belgium reduced its limit on the maximum number of sports betting licences allowed in the country from 34 to 31.

The Belgian Gaming Commission has also recently introduced new guidelines for gambling advertising.

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