The sexiest poker players

People say that poker is a sport for men – but here we have women playing and some are doing it fabulously. Plus, the presence of these ladies during the tournaments makes poker so more attractive. Our publication ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ will introduce to you some of the most beautiful female poker players in the world.

Sara Jean Underwood is 28 and one of the most appealing poker players. She is an American model, who was selected the Playmate of July 2006 and Playmate of the year 2007 by the well-known magazine for men ‘Playboy’. She was the image of and participates in professional poker tournaments. She also played for charitable work.

Chantel McNulty is a 27-year old player. The Texan girl played illegal card games in Dallas. She confesses that she is really garrulous and noisy while playing. She was placed the 17th at WPT Season 6 – Mandalay Bay Poker Championship and had some other good rankings.

Jennifer Leigh, a 28-year old player, is bragging that she knows all the ropes in poker – she learnt everything about it from the internet and with the help of Robert Boyd, the brother of the professional player Dutch Boyd. ‘Jennicide’ is her nickname as a PokerStars player. As for earnings, she made 9,700 USD in 2006 at Legends of Poker No-Limit Hold’em Championship and 7,800 USD at PokerStars Caribbean Poker Adventure No-Limit Hold’em Championship, the same year. Her beauty eased her way up to the cover of famous publications, such as FHM and ‘Playboy’.

It can be said that Jennifer Tilly is the most mediated woman in the gambling world. Sure enough, she is the proud holder of an Oscar nomination, as an actress, and of a WSOP bracelet, as a poker player. In June 2005, she cashed in 158,625 USD. She is 53 but no one can tell. She uses two nicknames, ‘The Unabombshell’ and ‘J. Tilla the Killa’.

Clonie Gowen is a 40-year old Texas professional poker player. She learnt to play poker from a good friend of her father. In 2010, she earned circa 1.6 million USD from the games.

Liv Boeree is an English player, aged 28. Besides her appeal, she is extremely appreciated and feared at the tournaments. In 2010, she won the European Poker Tour in San Remo and a prize in the amount of 1,250,000 euros. Her earnings from poker exceed 2 millions.

Erica Schoenberg is 34 and born in the city of casinos, Las Vegas. She is a professional blackjack and poker player. She used to play professional volleyball, too. She was present at many tournaments, thus collecting over 750,000 USD until 2011. Erica is married to someone in the gambling world, namely the professional poker player Erick Lindgren.

Kimberly Lansing learnt to play poker in her childhood. And she loved it so much that she turned it into a true passion for this card game. She was at the WPT Ladies Night and placed the 8th out of 455 participants at the WPT Invitational Tournament.

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