A slot lover wins RON 102,540 in one Ramses game combination.

During the first nine months 2014, the players hit over € 1 mil in jackpot in the BAUM rooms

Dracula Games from BAUM Games, a top Romanian product, has been around for 6 years on the local market. A relatively short time to win the heart of players, but they have become a staple in many respected gambling rooms in Romania.

Ever since Dracula’s Games I, both players and the gambling rooms operators have taken a liking to this multi-game. The variants that followed, capped with the most-expected Dracula’s Games VII this fall, have given the come-on to a rising number of seasoned players.

No matter whether the operators have bought the Dracula games or rented, they surely patted themselves on the back shortly after that. Why? Dracula’s Games have derived substantial profit very quickly, thanks to the well-thought mathematical formulas and exceptional graphics, to the much delight of all players.

How do we know the degree of appreciation that BAUM Games products enjoy? It is the rooms that the Ardeal-based company operate itself and where the players hit the jackpot for over € 1mil in only nine months of this year.

The list can go on with the highest prize ever won in Romanian from one combination. It is about RON 102,540 (over a billion in the old Romanian currency) coming from a winning combination in the Ramses game. The happy event occured at the end of August, in one of the BAUM Games gaming rooms.

What is important is that this winning did not come from a jackpot or a tombola, but simply from an only one winning combination.

The above are just a few examples and reasons for which both the gaming rooms operators and owners of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants are roped in by the Dracula multi-games from BAUM Games or for the players, who always choose to play them wherever they are.

The triumph of the latest Dracula’s Games will take the fame of this Romanian multi-game further. The year of 2015 is a time when the demand for the Transylvania games will be in a higher demand on the local market.


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