French operator Lucien Barrière said it has ‘consolidated its position as a leader of casinos in France and in Europe’ with six of its 27 French casinos finishing in the top 10 performing casinos in France.

Barrière’s casinos in Enghien-les-Bains, Blotzheim, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Deauville and Lille all finished in the top ten with a significant increase in attendance. Barrier Casinos are the Group’s main business in terms of turnover accounting for 75.5 per cent for the 2019 fiscal year ended October 31.

Despite the opening of several gaming clubs, in nearby Paris, the Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains finished in first place in the list of top earning casinos in France for the 18th consecutive year, with a GGR of €160m.

Finally, Barrière celebrated in 2019 the 10th anniversary of Responsible Gaming, its innovative and unique national program dedicated to information and the prevention of excessive gambling risks for its casinos in France. Responsible Gaming is mainly available through a network of experts and an unprecedented measure, the LVA: Voluntary Access Limitation. The latter allows the customer to choose a maximum number of visits over a defined period, for all of the Group’s casinos. This system reinforces and generalizes provisions that the group has been experimenting with for more than 10 years.

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