André Wilsenach a venit la Interviul de Sâmbătă

André Wilsenach, Senior Vice President, Government Relations at BMM International participated in Saturday’s Interview.

Being in Romania at our invitation to participate in the events organized by Casino Life & business Magazine during the annual fair dedicated to domestic gambling, André Wilsenach, a leading personality in the global gambling industry, was kind enough to answer our questions during the series of movies Saturday Interview broadcast on Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel on Youtube.

About how the casino will look in the future, and also about how dangerous is the Artificial Intelligence left unattended, all viewed informally, only in this week’s Saturday Interview.

As always, the Saturday’s Interview brings original and original news about the interviewee, the whole dialogue taking place in a pleasant setting and informing.

Saturday’s Interview, aims to have real and popular, but important, personalities from the gambling industry in Romania and beyond, people whose expertise is recognized locally or internationally and whose opinion counts on the gambling market, but also on its complementary markets.

This week’s edition of Saturday’s Interview was held at the ROMEXPO exhibition complex in Bucharest.

The informal manner of conducting makes Saturday’s Interview a popular TV show on the TV channel Casino Life & Business Magazine on Youtube.

The full series of the Saturday Interview can be viewed here.

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Saturday’s interview, an informal show about the formalism of the market!

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