Conferința Română de Gambling – CRG7 s-a încheiat de mai mult de o săptămână, dar ecourile ei au rămas și astfel am primit din partea speakerilor participanți la panelul dedicat actualității europene/regionale câteva declarații care ne-aun umplut inimile de bucurie.

Le redăm în forma lor originală:

Dusan Pavlovic
Doctoral Candidate
Joint International Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree in Law, Science and Technology,
coordinated by CIRSFID, University of Bologna; TILT, Tilburg University

“The conference was good opportunity to get insight in the State of the Art of Romanian gambling market and regulation. However, the conference sessions were focusing not only Romanian situation, but also several other countries (Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece…) as well as general European perspective on gambling. What I would like to particularly emphasize is participation of regulators in the conference and their very active role in discussing gambling-related topic such as regulation, taxation and responsible gambling approach. This was one of the rare opportunities to see regulators, business representatives, lawyers and representatives of professional associations presenting their views on hot topics in gambling domains. Finally, the place where the conference was held (The Romanian Palace of Parliament) is quite authentic and more than impressive.”

Zoran Puhac
Secretary-General of EOGL
European Organization for Gaming Law

“CRG is very important event for both organizers and regulators, not only for Romanian market, but also for the region. It gives opportunity for industry professionals to exchange opinions and to share experience and for regulators it is a very good place to hear voice of industry across the Europe. I was honored to participate to such event, representing European Organization for Gaming Law and I was impressed with the highest level of organization and specially with very good communication between domestic operators and regulators. I believe that the result of such a good communication is actual regulation of Romanian market which is very modern and sustainable. The conference is recognized as a point of gathering relevant professionals from the region and I hope it will be part of this event next year.”

Vasil Stumbov
iGaming Consultant

“Personally, I was delighted to take part in the 7th edition of the Conference of Gambling in Romania, as a key note speaker and attendee. The regional panel was vivid and insightful, bringing experts from various fields together. I was also impressed by the quality of the attendance from the President of the local Gambling Commission to top executives in our industry, contributing to a meaningful and interesting event, in an outstanding location and perfectly organized. Looking forward to attending the conference again next year!”

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