Conform comunicatului de presă, primit de Casino Life & Business Magazine, în calitate de partener media al expoziţiei EAG de la Londra, Astra Games o să fie prezentă, ca în fiecare ediţie de până acum, la EAG International 2015.

Prezentăm mai jos, o scurtă istorie a societăţii Astra Games, subsidiară de 10 ani a NOVOMATIC Group of Companies, dar şi noutăţile cu care o să fie prezentă la EAG International 2015.

Astra Games is a dynamic innovator and manufacturer of world class gaming machines for the UK and export markets, across all categories. The company’s stated mission is to continually achieve progress through innovation, always adhering to the core principle that the game itself remains at the heart of everything it does.

The origins of Astra Games date back to 1992. The firm’s enviable standing as a major force in the international gaming space was consolidated further still in the autumn of 2004 when it became a subsidiary of the globally-renowned NOVOMATIC Group of Companies.

Astra Games is well known for its success in the AGC and bingo sectors, but also has a strong following in the FEC segment, a fundamental part of the industry and crucially, of Astra’s own business.

Astra Games is acknowledged as the originator and main proponent of the community game genre. It was Astra that got the party started – in the most literal sense – with the ground-breaking Party Time three-player. While not technically a ‘community’ game, it was a first in that it conjoined three machines, complete with a top box designed to unite players by allowing them to share a common, ‘community’ gaming experience.

With Astra Games having supported EAG International since the inaugural show, Sales and Marketing Director Alan Rogers confirmed that the 2015 event will witness some of the greatest gaming product that the company has ever produced: “We’ll be showcasing a very strong line-up of products spanning categories B3, C, C Lite and D at EAG 2015.

“We also have a brand new digital compendium in the form of our Cat C multiplayer, Community £100 Bonus which brings the ‘community’ genre bang up to date with a more contemporary look and feel. Essentially this is a six-strong compendium of feature packed games comprising Space Kings, Winwall, Cashanooga, Bars Attacks, Thunderflash Cash and 100.00BC,” revealed Alan.
Astra Games new portfolio well illustrates the company’s ability to diversify its approach in order to bring the very best product to each and every sector of the market it serves. Astra is equally as strong on analogue as it is on digital, and that’s a measure of the many skill sets the company has at its disposal.

Speaking about the previous trading year, Alan commented, “As other exhibitors will probably testify, trading has followed the broad patterns set over recent years in that it has been challenging and often mixed. And that’s perhaps likely to continue for the next 12 months. But events like EAG do help underpin Astra’s heartfelt enthusiasm for the business and strengthen our resolve to produce ever better products that will help improve trading for all our customers,” explained Alan.

And of the future? “Ideally, I’d like the industry to come to EAG and other events throughout the year with an open mind and a willingness to invest in our products. We’ve worked tirelessly to drive new ideas and create games that will entertain the players across all sectors. By investing in these products, the industry will have a much better chance of remaining fresh, vibrant and relevant to today’s audience,” revealed Alan.

Alan Rogers and Sales Manager, Claire Peet will be on hand throughout EAG to meet with customers and to introduce Astra Games’ exciting new releases.

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